How to get involved?

Please support us in our effort to help people with disabilities. Join our Sports for Charity project. Thus, you can help to purchase wheelchairs, compensatory aids for children and adults with disabilities and hearing aids for deaf.

Sports for Charity is a project of the  Committee of Good Will - Olga Havel Foundation

Why Do We Help?

Disability goes hand in hand with great physical and psychological harm for persons with handicaps as well as for their families.

When we help to purchase aids which enable people with disabilities to attend schools, to get back to work and to communicate with friends, we improve the quality of their lives significantly.

Assistive devices necessary for people with disabilities are rather expensive and they can hardly purchase them of their own.

How to Get Involved?

  • Register for a RunCzech race.

The OHF has been a partner charity organization of the RunCzech since 2010. Proceeds from the registration fees are used in order to purchase aids for persons with disabilities. Once registered for a race, you may combine your participation at the event with a financial collection organized among your friends. The money collected could be turned over to a predetermined recipient.    

Get a registration

  • When organizing sports events, help also the needy.

You can donate proceeds from the registration or participation fees from your event partly or completely to a public collection or to a  predetermined recipient.

  • Make a company you work for and your colleagues to join in.

Your financial collection can be multiplied by your company, e.g. doubled. 

  • Buy a T-shirt for the runners of good will.

You can order T-shirts with OHF logo for ladies (S, M, L) and men (S, M, L, XL) at


Contact us:

Registration of Runners

  • Kateřina Kubínová
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +420 606 753 125