What do we do?

Please support us in our efforts to help people with disabilities. Join our Sports for Charity project and you can help to purchase wheelchairs, compensatory aids for children and adults with disabilities, and hearing aids for the deaf.

Sports for Charity is a project of the Committee of Goodwill - Olga Havel Foundation

Why Do We Help?

Living with disabilities leads to many challenges for both the handicapped and those they live with.

Through purchasing aids which enable people with disabilities to attend school, get back to work and communicate with friends, we can improve the quality of their lives significantly.

Assistive devices necessary for people with disabilities are rather expensive and they can rarely purchase them on their own.

How to Get Involved?

1) Take part in the first Goodwill Run 


September 12, from 6 pm in Hvězda forest (set in the ground of Hvězda Summer Palace). A fun and educational accompanying program for families with children starts at 4 pm. The race is intended for all levels, the circuit is a 2.5 km lap on a gravel track (Women’s Run 5 km, Open Run for all 10 km and Relay 4 x 2.5 km). All proceeds from the entry will be used to help families in need (families in an unfavorable life situation affected by illness, loss of housing or domestic violence).

Registration for the race is through the online form, starting numbers can be picked up at 4.30 pm in the race facilities. Registration for children’s races will take place on the day of the race.

More information about race find here

2) Let your sports event help others too 

You can donate proceeds from the registration or participation fees of your event partly or completely to a public collection or to a predetermined recipient.

3) Enter your colleagues and ask your company to help

Your financial collection can be matched by your company.

4) Buy a T-shirt for Goodwill Runners

You can order T-shirts with the OHF logo for ladies (S, M) and men (S, M, L) at kubinova@vdv.cz.


Contact us:

  • Kateřina Kubínová
  • E-mail: kubinova@vdv.cz
  • Phone: +420 606 753 125